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1. Overview

About This Website

  • This site lists Ballroom Dances in the Williamsport, Pennsylvania region
  • This blog website is operated by Sandy Hartzel, Tony Thomke, Nancy Machinski, and other contributers.
About The Dances Listed On This Web Page

  • The Dances listed are open to both couples and singles.
  • Casual attire (no denims/jeans) is required.
  • Events are Non-Smoking unless otherwise posted.
The "Williamsport Ballroom Committee" was formed for the purpose of making available an organized schedule of ballroom dances in the Williamsport Pennsyslvania area.

Blog Boss - Sandy Hartzel


  • Sandy & Frank Hartzel - Masonic Temple dances and Central Oak Heights (Milton) dances
  • Tony Thomke - Susquehanna Ballroom Dance Society Dances. For information, contact Tony Thomke at tonythomke@yahoo.com or Nancy Machinski at nanmac13@comcast.net.

2. Related Web Sites

The "top-level" website is now the new "blog" at WilliamsportBallroom.Com which shows the latest schedule.

Supporting Websites . . . (links are in the menu bar at left)

  • Yahoo Track2 DanceNet Email Listserver - for sending detailed email messages, or cancellation notices
  • Track2 DanceNet - this includes BallroomDances.net for contact information and directions to locations, and SinglesDances.net for the Singles dance schedule